D. Carroll writes In: Of all the people who have any voice in this business I would think that you would be the first to point out the ironic fact that Jon Dough died because of a lack of dough (money) with one of your witty titles like "Jon Dough Don’t Live No Mo’!" You sadden me you spineless poser! Have you sucked up to everyone in the biz so much that you can’t even make a joke about someone anymore? Shame on you. I would expect more from you.

Fayner Says: Are you serious? A man has died and you want to make jokes…that my friend lacks class. But I must commend you on your wit despite it being in such bad taste even I am repulsed.

I did not know Jon Dough, not even sure if I’ve ever seen him in a movie. But I respect his families sorrow over this

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