WHAT DID I DO NOW? **updated**

Okay Scott,

Time to take a shower. Seriously. Not because your pores probably smell like a drugstore. Not because you probably don’t wash up after you jerk off. Not even because you probably cuddle with Taylor’s dogs when you go to sleep at night. It’s time for you to take a shower because your name is now linked to a website that is promoting that Prussian Blue garbage. It’s pretty bad when such a move can even make a porner seem disgusting and filthy.

Grab your sunglasses and step back into the sunlight, Fayner. You’re too good for that crap.

Fayner Says: Hey, I just woke up and didn’t know Taylor put that stuff up. But when I saw it I didn’t get all huffy and puffy and blow your house down on her ’cause for the 423rd time this is America I mean Amerikkka and we have the right to say anything we want…God I get tired of saying this people but I will keep saying it until everyone understands that by bringing the Prussian Blue girls into the spotlight we can help bring them down through their own ignorance.

The best way to kill a sick cow is not to shoot it between the eyes but to let the other cows know it is sick so they alienate it until it dies alone in solitude from sadness.

That’s what I say!

The Prussian Blue sisters are confused, misguided young ladies with years of therapy in their future. If I had my way I’d think about shooting their mother in the face then nailing the two girls to a swastika like Jesus to watch them die slowly.

But what would that solve? Would America be a more friendly place to live without these three racists around? Doubt it.

And I don’t care how bad any of you think this is, it ain’t nothing compared to how the different colors of M&Ms treat each other when they’ve had too much to drink.

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