Fayner Posts: I figure not many of you will know what I’m talking about here except maybe Quasarman, but when I first read this press release and actually thought Hillary was engulfed in flames all I could picture was that Vinny Vincent (ex-KISS guitarist for like 10 minutes) video where that dude comes running across the stage on fire for no reason with no explanation at all.

I’m sure the band would have sold more than the 1,200 it did had Hillary been the one running across the stage on fire. I know I for one would have gotten it, and I’m a cheap Jew!


HOLLYWOOD, CA) Rising adult starlet Hillary Scott is on fire.  With high profile feature movies on the horizon, the blond sex loving Chicago native seems to be in possession of a one-way ticket to superstardom. 

Known primarily for her glorious hardcore sex scenes, the gonzo princess is making a giant leap to the big time as a movie actress with roles in three of the year’s most highly anticipated releases including Sex Z Pictures’ mega budget Corruption, Vivid’s Debbie Does Dallas Again, and X-Play/Hustler Video’s Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted.

All three movies required great skill as an actress in order to pull off convincing performances past what was required from a sexual perspective.  With less than two years in the business, Hillary seems to have an uncanny ability at delivering a wide range of convincing character performances making her the hottest ticket in town.   

“I don’t know but this has been an amazing summer for me filled with challenges and opportunity,” stated the five foot three inch 98 pound sex kitten.  Ms. Scott has been well known as one of the industry’s most sexually addicted performers and also as a girl that actually prefers harder core scenes to softer core fare.  Her sweet as pie girl next door look is but a diversion away from the fire that burns within making her a highly believable and enjoyable performer.    

“I love having sex but theres so much more that I want to do and now I really love acting,” she remarked while having a beer at a Hollywood café.  In fact her agent Scooby of Fresh Talent Management has been busy receiving calls from a number of independent film producers and television shows which have taken notice of her considerable talents. 

“Hillary has got to be the busiest girl in the adult business and now with the phone calls starting to come from Hollywood, I have no idea how she can continue to work at such a frenetic pace,” stated Scooby as his phone rang miserably off the hook.

“I’m not afraid of hard work but the truth is that I really feel like Ive been on one big vacation every since I came into this business.  It hasn’t seemed like work to me at all until I started doing these bigger budget features.  Of course the early morning make-up calls are difficult sometimes, but I love what I do and want to do more of it,” she stated.

Fans and critics will soon have the opportunity to check out her acting chops in wide range of diverse roles.  The character she plays in Britney Rears for example is totally opposite that of Natasha in Corruption but somehow she manages to deliver awardworthy performances in both movies.

“Yeah, that was so much fun playing Britney and I really had a great time playing Natasha the Senator’s sex slave in Corruption.  Those two movies are both incredible but at the same time totally different so I’m really getting quite a good workout,” she offered.

Fans of Hillary Scott can rejoice as an entire body of new work is about to be unveiled.  Only time will tell if Hillary Scott’s ticket to superstardom is a one-way ride or a round trip but from the looks of things, Hillary Scott is a rising superstar in every sense of the word.  “Oh no, she’s a definite superstar no doubt about that one,” stated Corruption’s director Eli Cross.  “I see her winning some big awards this year for sure.”    

SEE HILLARY AT www.xxxhillaryscott.com or www.myspace.com/hillaryscott 

To book Hillary Scott contact: Scooby, Fresh Talent Management, info@freshtalentmanagement.com

For media inquiries contact: Jeff Mullen, All Media Play, jeff@allmediaplay.com

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