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Its all about the He said She said BULLSHIT!!!!
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"It’s all about the he said she said bullshit….I think you better quit..talking that shit…or you’ll be leavin with a fat lip"

Damn I used to listen to this song back when I was a freshman in highschool. Now I have to remember the words everyday in PORN. I swear its like all people have to do in their free time is talk shit. "Oh so and so told me that they heard someone say that they saw you at this place with this person." Damn I swear, I cant even be friends with a guy anymore without the whole he said she said shit. Its like this: I go out to dinner with a friend that is a guy at like 10:30 at night (just an example) and the next day its all over porn that hes my man and we are in love and Im moving into his house and we are gonna get married and hes gonna be my babies daddy and Im pregnant and blah blah fuckin’ blah. Geezus. Whats a girl gotta do. Spell it?

Be careful what you wish for: you just might get it. I wished I was more well known and more popular. I guess I got it since no one can keep MY name out of their mouth. Its crazy. All I do is work and come home. I dont go to all the porn parties. I dont hang out with a bunch of porn people. I dont associate with 90% of them for the most part. But ya know? I just keep being drug into shit. I hate it when people say they are your friend and then turn around and talk shit about you. And it seems as though a lot of people that say they are my friends are doing something along these lines now. I dont really want anything to do with it anymore. So if anyone has anything to say to me or about me, make sure its true. If not….SHUT THE FUCK UP. You dont fuckin’ no me. How could you know so much about me if you aint there to see it. I mean, I guess if people listened to rumors and took everything for truth, Id be a crack head, a bad mom with like 7 kids, a tweeker, a boyfriend stealer and a theif. Probably more. Murderer? I dont know. I guess it just depends on who you ask. I must have more than 24 hours in my days cause I sure do a lot of shit according to the rest of the Porn World of DRAMA.

But you know? My dad taught me one important lesson out of many that I will always remember.

"If they are talking about you, you did something right. Its when your name isnt brought up anymore that something is wrong."

So everyone…and you know who you are…..keep talking shit. I must be the BOMB to be weighing on your guys minds like this all day every fuckin’ day. So thank you for spreading my name around. I really appreciate it. And keep it up. At least I know Im powerful enough to rent space in your memory and take time out of your day. Especially when I dont even fucking know you people.

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