Is this guy kidding me??? I have ADD to the max. Theres no way I could read this!! It’s somethin about legs, stockings, silk, fetishes, and so on………………..

Read on if you care about this guys weird e mail…….

Just a thought Taylor. Maybe you can use this wild and crazy fantasy!

It is starring you, right? Not just directed by you? But anyway, either you, or another nasty girl with pretty legs and feet, is all dolled up in nice lingerie, an evening gown, and some nice sheer stockings and garter belt and heels. And I mean some nice stockings, probably nylon but possibly even silk. Maybe some that are mostly one color, and the reinforced heel and toe, and backseam and tops are another, contrasting color. But back to the fantasy, you are in a house, and you tell the camera man/stunt cock who is watching a game on tv and who we assume is your roommate, that you are going out for the evening on a date with a cute doctor. The camera follows as you leave, focusing on your ass down to your feet. After a cut to show the passage of time, like showing that the game is over, the camera man gets up and goes into your room, and starts to rifle through your underwear drawers. (I guess for those shots another guy will have to operate the camera over the first guy’s shoulders so his hands will be free.) He finds your panties and stockings and he starts to handle them and rub them against his crotch. Just then, you enter the room, and yell at him, "What the fuck are you doing in my room, you pervert?! I thought some of my dirty clothes have had weird stains in them, now I guess I know where they came from!" The unseen male stutters and stammers, "uh, I was, I was, I was…What are you doing back so early? I, uh, thought you were on a date and wouldn’t be back for several more hours." You, or the girl if it isn’t starring you, say "I was on a date. And it was getting good. Then the doctor got called, they said he was needed in the ER immediately. So I guess that date is over. And here I am, still horny." You get onto your bed and hike up your dress and start to rub yourself through your panties, and continue, "I was just going to masturbate by myself, but maybe we can help each other out." You slide your panties off, and take your heels off. You lick and suck on the spike heels, and then start to use the spike heels to play with your pussy and ass. Now that you are in your stocking feet, you start to rub his crotch through his pants with your stocking feet while continuing to play with yourself. You talk dirty to him while doing this. "So you like my stockings, huh?" Dirty talk like that. You then sit up and pull his pants down and give him a short but sloppy blowjob. You give him a footjob with your stockings on, but don’t let him cum. You then unclip one stocking and take it off, and also take your dress off and pull your bra down to uncover your tits. You stuff the stocking you just took off into your pussy, and maybe pull it back out and stuff it back in several times. You bend your bare foot up to your mouth and suck on the toes and get them good and wet with your saliva. You say something like, "I bet you like my feet as much as you like my stockings, don’t you?" You have a pretty pedicure, and you stick your feet, one bare and one still in stockings, up in front of the camera, and curl and flex your toes in front of the camera. If you can, you continue to play with yourself, and go back to giving a footjob, but you try to get the cock between your big and second toes, like you did in Barefoot Confidential. But don’t let him cum. Then, I don’t know, maybe slowly pull the stocking out of your pussy and let him vag fuck you. I don’t care which positions, which ever will look good in POV. If you want, you can take the stocking you’ve already taken off and had in your pussy and loosely tie it around the base of the cock and the balls if it will help him to get harder. You give him another wet blowjob, and you take the other stocking off of your leg, and put it on his cock like a condom. You maybe do another position in vag, and then go to anal. Again, I don’t really care which positions, whatever will work best for POV. There can be several pullouts for ATM, with his cock covered by the stocking. There will be an anal creampie, and after he pulls out and you lick off his stocking covered cock, you take the stockings off of his cock and maybe suck on them a little. You put them back on your legs and clip them up tight on your garter belt. You then start to lick your legs and feet as much as you can, to taste the pussy and ass juices and the spunk.

Change this as you see fit. I don’t know all the comfort and hygiene concerns that there might be with my idea. Hell, I kind of like the idea of having two girls instead of one myself. We’d have to come up with another explanation for why they came back early though, rather than the date got called away for his job.

Tell me what you think. Do you think guys without fetishes for stockings and feet will watch it, or will they just skip that scene?
I could also give you suggestions on what stockings would look hottest. If you have other girls hired for this besides yourself, ("Got bitches and dick just need some Fanstasies!!!!") who are they? Not every girl could make this scene hot. I mean, some girls might have great faces and tits and ass, but their legs and feet could be average at best.

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