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RUMORS ..duck ..no turn left… Rules of life!

Ok, so I guess I will use this forum to keep you all up to date on whats up in our lives…since we obviously have nothing sacred,lol. This will never be a forum to trash talk each other. It’s brutal being a celeb couple in today’s society and even harder to go thru natural relationship issues. We are a couple like everyone else and work throuigh typical hardships and troubles like everyone else does in relationships. Jenna and I have been together for 8 years and had an amazing relationship…a million good times and handfulls of bad ones. Every relationship is like a fulltime job..and this last year we didn’t have the time to devote to it that was needed. So, we decided to take a break and relax and enjoy life a lil. Breaks are good and whateva happens happens… 🙂 We are best friends and stil love each other… the years of throwing house furniture and belongings at each other are long gone…thank God. How much shit can be broken in one fight..was our old motto,lol. So, please no sad faces, mine isn’t and everything in life happens for a reason… the reasons you will be told on ur deathbed….so we all have that going for us! LOL. Thanks for all the sweet emails and support, it is much much appreciated!! I love the Team Jay ones…very cute.. it should be TeamStink Wrinkle!! Let’s not forget it bitches!! luv to all and thanks for all ur support!

In a related story………

Babe’s dancer drops assault complaint

A former stripper at Babe’s Cabaret in Scottsdale has withdrawn an assault complaint against the husband of adult-entertainment mogul Jenna Jameson.

Amanda Vasquez had accused Jameson’s estranged husband, Jay Grdina, of pulling her hair and pushing her head down on July 22 as she danced for him at the club, at 2011 N. Scottsdale Road. Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was sitting at Grdina’s table when the incident occurred.

Vasquez dropped the complaint Monday.

Scottsdale police weren’t specific about the details of why Vasquez, a two-year employee of Babe’s, dropped the complaint.

Grdina and his attorney, Dick Hertzberg, said they heard about the complaint being dropped for the first time from the Tribune on Wednesday.

Grdina said he was relieved the matter was resolved.

“I’m glad this got taken care of,” said Grdina, a co-owner of Babe’s who was in Los Angeles on Wednesday attending meetings. “I wish (Vasquez) the best.”

Grdina also denied pulling Vasquez’s hair.

“Absolutely not,” Grdina said. “I don’t even get good lap dances. I had never seen or met the girl in my life before. When you’re a celebrity, you’re an easy target. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stay out of the media for a while.”

Vasquez couldn’t be reached for comment.

The stripper’s complaint against Grdina was made in the midst of the election campaign for Proposition 401, a measure that could have serious repercussions for Babe’s and Skin cabarets. If the proposition is passed by Scottsdale voters on Sept. 12, the topless clubs will face stricter regulations including a ban on lap dances. Club owners say the new regulations will put them out of business.

Proposition 401 supporters, including the conservative Center for Arizona Policy, have said during the campaign that strip clubs lead to problems such as crime, litter and blight.

The YESon401.com committee chairman said previously it was inappropriate to comment on the alleged assault.

Grdina has other issues to deal with: PerezHilton.com, a gossip Web site, reported Monday that soon-to -be divorced rock musician Dave Navarro is dating Jameson. Sources told the Web site that Jameson is separated from Grdina and plans to move to Los Angeles to be close to Navarro.

Grdina confirmed Wednesday that he and Jameson are “taking a break” from one another, and said Babe’s isn’t for sale.

“We’re best friends, and totally in love with each other,” Grdina said. “It’s been a busy year, and we’re taking a break right now. Sometimes breaks are good.”

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