TMFR- What Has She Been Up To?

Taylor Rain’s Off Roading Adventure scheduled for a September release

Gene Ross

Porn Valley- With dogs barking in the background, I ask Taylor Mother Fuckin’ Rain what she’s been up to. TMFR says with a straight face that she spends her days motivating Scott Fayner to post items on Lukeford.com. This is almost funny to hear- that between Fayner and TMFR, Tony Robbins is getting a run for the money in the gung-ho, get things done department.

Rain’s been doing chats a couple of times a week on www.clubtaylorrain.com and Monday night she was supposed to have had a guest who flaked on her due to a possible pharmaceutical situation.

"I don’t want to mention the girl," Rain laughs. "She just flaked on me but I don’t want to name names. Usually I do name names." Rain does the chats twice a week and is scheduling them Mondays and Thursdays. But some fans don’t like the idea that she conducts them 8 pm California time.

"People are telling me to do it in the morning so I might change the time," she says. "It’s going good. It’s fun but at the same time they want me to be a big horny pervert. I’m not. They want me to masturbate. I’m, like, well, give me more money and I’ll do it." Rain is laughing the whole time she’s saying this.

"But, whatever, it’s cool- I get stoned and always try to have a guest on every Monday and do an interview with them."Rain retired just after she shot Assylum. She figures that was maybe ten months ago. Though, to tell the truth, Rain doesn’t miss being active in the business and wouldn’t want to make a comeback even if urged.

"I’ve done my fair share of movies," she states, estimating that the share is around 450 movies or so. Obviously the question she gets most often from fans is when are you coming back.

"That’s the most asked question," she laughs.

"And they get the same answer I just got," I tell her.

Rain also goes on MySpace a lot.

"I have a lot of people there and I post all my blogs from Club Taylor Rain," she says. So the question gets around to what Rain’s doing next, directing-wise. She has a Torrid title ready to come out called Taylor Rain’s Offroading Adventure [scheduled for a September release] which was shot in Glamis last November. She also has a few other projects in the works. I asked Rain about Kylie King breaking her arm on the Glamis shoot.

"She was there all week- we got there Monday and she broke it on Thanksgiving Day," Rain explains. "She went out early morning- and we’re like, where’s Kylie. We went into town and she just left and the rules were-in writing- that you were not to leave unless you were with a male. She just took off because she had friends there. And she came back eight hours later and broke her arm pretty much. She was on a quad and was going up something she shouldn’t have been going up."

With the fact that the her crew was in Glamis for at least seven days, Rain says they had a couple of trailers at their disposal.

"So we had enough space," she says. "Plus we had a couple of rooms in town- a 20, 30 minute drive. It was a lot of fun." Because they got there right before Thanksgiving and the traditional crowds, Rain says they managed most of their shooting during that window of opportunity.

"We had clear sand and I have a couple of scenes out there in the desert – you get a couple of dudes in the background, off-roading and doing their thing. Then they stop because they see what’s going on. And pretty much, yeah, we shot porn out in the middle of the desert." At least two of those scenes feature King and Naudia Nyce.

"Then I have another one of Naudia- she was such a trouper," Rain adds. "She did one in a camper- she pretended she was coming back from off- roading with Billy Glide. They took off all their gear and fucked in a camper. Then Nadia Styles came out."

I asked Rain about the rumors involving Styles retiring but she’s not sure.

"She did nothing pretty much on the trip because at that point I had no dicks," Rain laughs. "I told her to come Wednesday because I had a bunch of people leaving because they wanted to be with family on Thanksgiving. Billy Glide’s like I can only stay for so long. And Tommy Gunn and Rita Faltoyano flaked on me. They just left. They were going to a party I guess."

"They were originally there but took off?" I ask TMFR.

"Yeah, they were there to work for me- they showed up- I was like we’re three or four hours behind and it’s going to be a night scene. It’s going to be in a trailer or tent or something like that. But they were, like, oh, no, we don’t want to do it now. Then they took off and left. In the mean time, I had Nadia Styles with no dicks; and I had Kylie King with a broken arm and Kylie King smelled because she hadn’t taken a shower in three days. She just wanted to party. So Nadia Styles was, like, no way; and then Naudia Nyce left, too. So all I had was Nadia Styles and Kylie King the last half of the trip. So I had my camera guy do a scene and he couldn’t get hard; and so we did a POV. There was a couple of blow jobs scenes and a handjob scene so it worked out, I guess. But the scenes are cool and they’re really cute. I even had my production guy Nate Dog do a blowjob scene in the Escalade. It was a good time and we got loads of BTS with us fucking a turkey. Then we had a cooking show."

Asked why she chose a holiday week to shoot, Rain explains that a lot of people go to Glamis for Thanksgiving.

"About 200,000 or more people come," she said. "When we got there on a Monday there was maybe 5,000 people there. By Wednesday there was 60,000 people there; by Thursday morning there was maybe 150,000 people there. And by the weekend there was way over 200,000 there. It’s a big thing that everyone does and we were out there on Friday and Saturday, the two biggest days. Me and Naudia Styles were out there on the weekend just going crazy with our tops off and pasties on and booty shorts. We were having fun drinking beer and it was great. We were giving out DVDs."

Rain’s got another road trip planned for the end of the year perhaps with Dez and Tyler Durden.

"We might do a Lake Tahoe trip, get a house and shoot a bunch girls," Rain thinks. "Dez said he’ll get a bunch of hookers for me and set it all up. So I think the next trip will be in December."

Asked about the Hummer rumors, Rain said she never got one, that she merely posed for pictures in one and people made common assumptions.

A typical day for Rain now consists of going to the beach. Sometimes maybe three times a week.

"I have a friend who’s got a house and I bring the dogs there," she says. "Or we take them out on a boat. I try to do outdoor things. I’ve been chilling, growing weed, being low key, working on my website and playing with my dogs."

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