WASHINGTON – Police say a 15-year-old girl told them a Bowie, Md., high school coach repeatedly took her to D.C. so she could work as a prostitute.
from the AP

Arron J. Burroughs, 35, of Crofton, Md., is charged with first-degree child sexual abuse in the District.

The Bowie High School assistant junior varsity football coach is being held without bond.

Burroughs allegedly induced the girl to work as a prostitute. Police found her engaged in a sex act with another man in Takoma Park, Md., and arrested Burroughs Monday evening at a motel on New York Avenue in Northeast. His arrest came after the girl, who was already in police custody, called him to pick her up at the motel.

Court records indicate that Burroughs, who also works as a Metrobus driver, has admitted engaging in sexual relations with the girl on several occasions since she was 14. Court records say Burroughs admitted having sex with her in his Range Rover in Metro’s bus yard.

Burroughs also admitted bringing the girl to D.C. to be a prostitute and admitted supplementing his income by selling marijuana, the records indicate.

The Prince George’s County school system is expected to investigate the matter, The Washington Post reports.

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