TR: Are you related in any way to Jason Priestly?

JP: No but I’m related to Elvis Presley!!! Hahahaha!!!

TR: How long have you been in the biz for?

JP: September of 2005. You do the math!!!

TR: Math! We’re pornstars! Only math I know is weight!!!

TR: How old are you?

JP: 19 yrs old!!!

TR: Do you have a fake ID to get in clubs?

JP: NO!!!

TR: We need to get you one a.s.a.p!!!

TR: Next question, How did you get in the biz????

JP: I met Lenny and Phil (astrux) @ a stripclub in Santa Barbara!!!

TR: Oh ya, I remember you telling me that!!! Ok go on………

JP: Next day they took me to LA Direct and I met with Derek. I said I would to 5 scenes and if I liked it I would stay and if I didn’t then i would keep strippin cuz I LOVE that too!!! Of course I loved doing scenes and here I am NOW!!!

TR: SWEET!!!! Next question, how many COCKS did FUCK OR SUCK before getting into porn? and NOW how many cocks have you SUCKED OR FUCKED SINCE???

JP: Like 20 cocks before porn and probably now around 200 cocks!!!

TR: Wait til your’re my age and you wil almost have fucked 1,000 cocks!!!


TR: What do you do and what don’t you do in porn?

JP: I do Girls, I do Boys, I do lots of boys, THE MORE BOYS THE BETTER!!!!

TR: Do you prefer cock over pussy?

JP: I love, love, love cock and I love getting FUCKED but it’s nice to lick a cunt every now and then!!!

TR: SWEET!!!! What don’t you do?

JP: I don’t do anal, black guys or gang bangs!!!

TR: Why don’t you do anal???

JP: My ass is a virgin!!! I have never done it in my personal life!!!

TR: WOW! Your missing out dawg!!! I LOVE ANAL!!!!!

TR: Next question, do you like BLACK COCK???

JP: I like to look at black cock but I have never fucked a black cock before!!!

TR: Ok, do like beener cock???

JP: UMMMMMMMM! In my personal life i have fucked a couple beener cocks!!!!

TR: They have small cocks don’t they???

JP: No they’re thick!!!

TR: Do you like GOOK cock???

JP: I did one gook and it was for scene!! No I didnt like it!!! I’m not catogorizing different cocks!! I just prefer WHITE COCK!!!

TR: Are you a racist???

JP: I love your questions!!! NO I’M NOT A RACIST!!!! I lived in the ghetto, ghetto, ghetto.

TR: Oh, so you couldn’t be racist!!! Where did you live?

JP: In San Diego, City Chula Vista, 10 minutes from the border of Mexico, 2 offramps before Tijuana!!!!


JP: YUP!!!!LOL!!!!

TR: When I lived in OC we use to go out there a lot too!!! Everyone loves pills and cheap hookers!!!! Plus you can drink if you are 18!!!

TR: Do you love to swallow???

JP: I’d rather swallow then get a load on my face cuz I’m OCD!!!

TR: That is so funny!!! Next question, do you SQUIRT???

JP: Ya, I squirt!!!!

TR: Do you do bachelor parties or privates???

JP: I will do a bachelor party but I havent yet! I work 7 days a week!!! I don’t have anytime to do privates and I rather not!!!

TR: What drugs do you prefer or do???

JP: I can’t smoke pot too much cuz I have ADD but I love to drink!!!!!! I have tried other drugs but I just LOVE ALCOHOL!!!!

TR: Would you ever suck Scott’s crooked cock for press, coke or for the hell of it???

JP: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TR: How did you get involved with "Jenna’s American Sex Star"?

JP: I have no fuckin clue because when I first got in the business I called gene ross and lukeisback and told them that "Jenna Jameson is a fuckin quote stealer" because she had the same quote that I had on my myspace page!!! 8 months later she had me on her Playboy Show and she spanked me for it!!! I also apolgized to her!!! Everythings cool now and I hope I get the contract!!!!!

TR: Who do you like to work with?

JP: I just like to work with any guy that can just fuck me like a whore that I am. Bottom line: every girl in the biz is a whore because we are trading sex for money!!! Just pound me like a whore!!!

TR: Ok! What companies or directors do you like to work with?

JP: Of course, Zero Tolerance, Vivid with Shylar, Wicked with Brad Armstong, and Anabolic and Diabolic cuz there quick and easy!!

TR: What do you dislike?

JP: When guys do P.O.V.’s!!! They are scumbags tryin to get a nut!!!

TR: Who do you hate?

JP: I try to stay away from porn in my personal life cuz I don’t want to have to HATE anyone!!!

TR: Ya keep doing what your doing. Trust me from 5 years of experience in this industry!! There are lot of HATERS out there!!! You can say I have a few that dislike or hate me!!! FUCK IT!!!!

TR: What’s your favorite position?

JP: Missonary with my legs over there shoulders. Thats the best cuz the guy can get his cock all the way inside me!!!

TR: Do you really cum in your scenes or do you fake it???

JP: I don’t fake it but when I’m ready to cum I let everyone know! If I’m not cumming I just do the scene and enjoy it!!!

TR: What do your parents think about you being in porn?

JP: They support me 100% because they know i am happy, and that I am making cheese and having fun!!!

TR: Do you ever think you will live a normal life?

JP: I seperate my life from work. There’s work, "porno" and then there is the "at home me"! I live a very normal life!!! I think everyone seperates their work from there life. If you work in a office or if you are a hooker doesn’t make a difference!

TR: Do want to ever have kids?

JP: I definetely want to have a family but I want to wait til I am out of the industry totally!

TR: What are your hobbies?


TR: What do you do for fun?

JP: Shop, hang out with friends, go to the beach, and fuck travis 3 times a day!!!

TR: What’s your favorite candy?

JP: Sour Straws and Gummie bears.

TR: What’s your favorite color?

JP: Pink!!!

TR: Do you have any pets?

JP: Malltese. His name is Honey Luv and he loves to play with bigger doggies. Pits and Rots are his favorite!!!!

TR: Do you have any brother’s and sister’s?

JP: MY brother is 12 and my sister is 15 and she just moved out of my house 2 weeks ago but I have full custody of her.

TR: Do you have any questions you want to ask me?





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