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 I believe I took over the main writing duties like three years ago on this here fountain of literary brilliance, that’s over a thousand days (give or take a few) of multiple adult-themed articles I’ve churned out for little-to-no gratitude other than the occasional thank-you email that pops up amongst the piles of hate letters.

I can just imagine the doldrum one who stays at the same job for decades must feel. My buddy Norton back in Newton, Mass. who I’ve known for 25 years and love very much has been working at the same place since the late 1980s…Brae Burn Country Club…and to this day has yet to lose his mind. More power to him, I say, but for me that would never fly. Not that I’m above becoming a company man, it’s just as a writer-of-sorts I’ve grown accustomed to digging my claws in many vocations as a kind of reference library so if some day I’m writing and need to learn something about an animal hospital or the ins and outs of a lumber yard I’ll have an opinion. I may not have health insurance though, but…

Anyway, Keith and TR have been getting on me about my lack of work these days on the site. I’ve blamed everything from my computer being fucked to a stomach flu to just hiding out in the back yard behind some bushes when they come by to avoid what we all know…I’m burned out.

But admitting it is the first step to recovery.

So now I must try and make this job fun again by bringing back an old game I’ve long forgotten…making a porno chick into a bonerfide star of the blue-screen.

Who will it be?

What will she have to do in return?

What STD will she pass on to me?

Wait and see…wait and see…

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