Metro Interactive has rolled out its newest Point-of-Purchase (POP) material program. Over the next several months, the company will be sending out posters and wall placards to adult retailers and wholesale customers touting some of its top-selling lines.

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“We are trying to reacquaint the customer with what made Metro a great company in the first place, and that is the fact that we make great movies,” Metro’s Christian Mann told “And, after hearing the feedback, we knew that we needed to give retailers and manufacturers something functional to remind them.”

The first three installments of the POP program are a full-sized poster for the Loaded Digital releases, Girl Pirates 2 and Who’s Next in Porn 5, as well as a jumbo poster for the feature Wonderland.

The full-sized posters used to advertise various movies are 18 by 24 inches; the jumbo posters displaying the companies’ special lines and titles are 27 by 39. Metro Interactive will also be shipping new POP cards used to advertise both new and existing lines, and specifically designed to be used as shelf mounts on center-island displays or as wall displays. Heavy exposure through the publication, DVD Buzz, will also be used.

Mann said that presently retailers and manufacturers are bombarded with an abundance of titles, and the process of finding titles can consequently be overwhelming and confusing. “But I’ve always noticed that novelty companies were able to effectively merchandise through it all.

“Merchandising has become a lost art in DVD retailing…it’s all about product positioning, where you guide the customer’s eye," he continued. "Studies have shown that merchandising directly impacts sales patterns.

“There’s a reason why the National Enquirer is placed in an impulse-buy area, right by the cash register.”

Mann concluded, “This is just the beginning of a POP multi-phased program that Metro will roll out in the coming months."

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