150 YEARS????

Fayner Posts: Here’s the thing: child porno, whether you make it, buy it or sell it is way illegal in these here parts. But lots of people really dig it; judges, teachers, politicians, athletes, rock stars etc…

This dude got 150 years for dealing in child pornography. What a dumbass, right? I mean, the dude could have murdered and raped a child and only gotten about 11 years in prison.

Read on…


WASHINGTON (AP) – A Virginia man was sentenced to 150 years in prison for sexually exploiting minors and operating child pornography Web sites. Gregory John Mitchel, who previously had been convicted of child pornography crimes, pleaded guilty in January to the production, distribution, sale and possession of child pornography.

Mitchel, 39, was sentenced Friday in federal court in Roanoke, the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Western District of Virginia said.

Officials found that Mitchel, of Dublin, Va., assisted in the daily operation of child pornography Web sites and filmed videos of minors engaging in sex acts.

Mitchel was implicated by Justin Berry, 19, who for five years starred in his own Web cam child pornography business and has testified before Congress about Internet child pornography.

Berry, of Bakersfield, Calif., also testified Friday against Ken Gourlay, of Detroit, who is charged with 10 felony counts related to sexual abuse and distributing sexually abusive material.

Berry testified he was sexually assaulted by Gourlay in 2002.

"He said I was gay and said just try it," Berry said, his voice breaking. "It confused me … it messed me up so bad, so bad that to this day I have problems."

Under cross-examination Berry admitted he was performing sex acts for money over the Internet long before meeting Gourlay.

Gourlay’s attorneys moved to have eight counts dismissed. District Judge J. Cedric Simpson said he would rule Aug. 1 on whether Gourlay should stand trial.

Berry’s story of a lonely teenager who sought friends on the Internet but instead grew rich attracting pedophiles was reported in December by The New York Times.

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