So happy with the way the ANAL MANIA movie that Skeeter Kerkove recently shot for Defiance Films turned out, Defiance and Skeeter have begun talking about a non-exclusive 12 picture deal.

‘Skeeter is as professional as they come, he gets his budgets in right on the money, his paperwork is flawless, and the movies he creates are exactly what we asked for!!! For us to have him with us long term is a good move for us.’ sais Defiance head of production Keith O’Connor

Also on the horizon, O’Connor plans on sitting down with veteran Director Vincent Voss (aka Mike Adam) about coming back to Defiance. ‘Michael is a big part of the reason for our success, he helped to create and define our products, and getting him back shooting is key. Defiance went through a lot over the last 7 months, we had a lot of movies in the can to go through post so we focused our attention on VOD partnerships, foreign sales and branding. We’ve succeeded in all those areas, but in doing so we sort of neglected the people who got us here, namely Michael and Todd Todd (best photographer in the business) so it’s time to get back to shooting now that we have all our ducks in order… time to reunite the family.’

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