After 6 years away…. she’s back!!! BACK!!!!

2006 has been the year of the comeback!!! Lisa Ann, Cassidey, Dayton Rains just to name a few. AND NOW…. the comeback of the one and only KENDRA JADE. Kendra is scheduled to shoot her first HARDCORE comeback scene this week for Defiance Films and Torrid Entertainment!

Recently Kendra has been tied to Mr Britney Spears and more recently she was seen hanging out with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee… but now, back on film, naked, sucking and fucking with the passion only Kendra Jade is known for! Back in the late 90’s Kendra gained notoriety by being caught on camera with her stepmother in a hotel room fuck fest with talk show host Jerry Springer!!!! Springer was so embarassed by the incident that he BOUGHT ALL THE COPIES of the movie so that it would never be released to the public!!

Kendra is hotter today than we was back in the late 90’s, and she’s ready to come back and fuck for the world again on film… welcome back Kendra!!!

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