An Adelaide woman has been jailed for at least five months for seducing her son’s 15-year-old school friend and having sex with him while her boyfriend looked on.

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The incident happened in August 2004 when the boy was staying overnight at his friend’s house in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

While the teenagers were watching television, the 37-year-old woman told the boy to come into her bedroom, where she had already had sex with her boyfriend, and asked several times whether he wanted sex.

On one of the occasions the woman, whose name has been suppressed to protect her three children, threw a condom at the boy.

The boy eventually succumbed to the woman’s advances.

South Australian District Court Judge Steven Millsteed today said the woman’s actions were serious on several grounds.

"First, this was not impulsive behaviour. You called (the boy) to the bedroom on about three occasions before he succumbed," Judge Millsteed said.

"Second, you performed the act in the presence of your boyfriend, after the two of you had engaged in sex. It was tantamount to inviting (the boy) to participate in group sex.

"Third, you exposed your own son to your sexually corrupt behaviour.

"Fourth, the offence involved a serious breach of trust.(The boy’s) parents permitted him to stay the night, believing that he would be in the care of a responsible parent and adult.

"You breached that trust for the purpose of sordid sexual gratification."

Judge Millsteed said the woman’s son had been seriously embarrassed by her behaviour and she had shown no contrition or remorse.

He sentenced the woman to 16 months’ imprisonment but set a relatively short non-parole period of five months to reflect the hardship her children would suffer while she was in jail.

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