Stop to eat goes to pot for 2 in city

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Two men pulled up to the order window at the KFC on Michigan Avenue on Wednesday afternoon and asked for the day’s special.

It was the wrong day for them to be ordering the special.

Inside the restaurant, the staff could smell marijuana coming through the window.

And, as usual this Wednesday, two plainclothes detectives from the Narcotics Squad, David Sugg and Johnny Walker, were there for the special.

"We were in line ordering our food, the Wednesday special, and these two guys . . . are passing a blunt to each other in the front seat," said Walker. "Smoke is coming through the window."

The detectives went outdoors and handcuffed Charles C. Morris, 23, of Concord Street, and Gregory Quick, 26, of Clarence Avenue. They were charged with possession of marijuana and smoking it in public, a misdemeanor.

"They just looked dumb," Walker said. "I got their money back from the cashier [for] the Wednesday special."

"It was the biggest marijuana cigar you ever saw," said Sugg. "There was smoke all over the place. Even the chickens must have gotten high."

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