Tory Lane, the big busted starlet who has been with LA Direct Models since she started in the business, has left LA Direct to branch out on her own.

‘I plan to start directing, keep growing my website,, continue my feature dancing across the country and of cousre keep shooting scenes…. but with a twist!! I think I’v establised myself now, fans know me by name now, so I really wan to pick and choose my jobs. I want to work for specific companies and specific directors. Having my freedom allows me to do just that AND focus on all the other aspects of my career.’

On LA Direct and Derek Hay. ‘Derek has made me a lot of money, any girl getting into the business…. if you want to make a name for yourself Derek is the one to get you there. I owe a lot to Derek and I’m grateful for his help in getting me to this point.’

Tory can be reached at her email,

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