Fayner Posts: You know how when you’re hiring a porno chick for a shoot and you hope and pray that she’ll show up on time just this once and when she does she comes walking in looking like she’s been up for days rolling around in the garbage like some common street dog and you don’t know what to do ‘cause the shoot is costing you a fortune and you don’t wanna cancel?

Generate AI Porn


Of course you do. This is pornography, remember.


Well, now you don’t have to worry yourself into a frantic rage anymore, ‘cause you got Lillian Marquez at the makeup helm and she’ll make everything better.


We promise.


13 Years Lillian’s  been bringing half-dead porno skanks back to life to appear in countless movies and magazine layouts you’ve probably yourself jerked off to on at least a few occasions.


Lillian’s the one to call when all else is lost, when things seem hopeless and the vision of beauty is corrupted…just ask some of her former clients Red Light District, Hustler, Lexington Steele, Vince Voyeur and Jonni Darkko. Shit, even Taylor Rain called upon Lillian’s magical touch when she was cavorting around with that scumbag Fayner years ago and no one even had a clue. That’s how fucking great Lillian is.


Don’t believe what you’re hearing? Hire the woman and see for yourself.


Or don’t, and be stuck with another crackhead on the verge of death for your next feature film. It doesn’t matter to us, it’s your career.


Lillian Marquez can be reached for work at 818 207 7026 or

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