Fayner Posts: I was watching the show Supergroup today on VH1. Evan Seinfeld (who if you didn’t know is married to Tera Patrick who if you didn’t know is that super hot porno chick) is in a band with Ted Nugent, Jason Bonham, Scott Ian and Sebastian Bach.

Now Sebastian, as well as being an amazing singer from that band Skid Row, is an obnoxious drunk. Retarded, is more like it.

Well, Sebastian instigated a wrestling match with Evan while shitfaced, and a moment later while fooling around Seb flipped Evan around and his head hit a step. Hard too, it looked like from the safety of my couch. Evan wasn’t pleased.

Evan ended up leaving the room before he killed Sebastian, who was too drunk to even know what had happened.

I was truly hoping Evan had beaten the piss out of Sebastian. But he didn’t. And for that Evan Seinfeld was almost my hero. Had he knocked Seb’s clock off he would have become my new hero, leaving Hank Aaron to fend for himself.

I guess this week’s episode has Evan quitting the band, and if that’s true he might become my hero. But you know how TV can deceive,  so who knows?

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