Hey, its me Shy (Love), um, listen the reason why I am calling you is because right now there is a lot of things going on and its starting to become a very big, frustrating situation for both of us. The situation is, right now, um, based on the paperwork with Fletch going ahead and claiming you as, basically as the person who is going to defend him in court, the attorneys advised us to go ahead and open up two new corporations. What they want us to do is open up two new corporations, get a corporate binder and then issue you a stock certificate which makes you an owner of the corporation with your same stock and everything else which is not an issue, which means you are an owner of the company. But he wants the documents not to have anyone but our names on it because right now he is concerned cause he doesn’t know if you are going to be defending Fletch or if you are going to be defending us. And we’re in a big predicament because right now you are consistently having meetings with Fletch, you believe everything Fletch says and you’re not taking it serious that Fletch is literally trying to demolish everything that you, myself and Eric have worked for. I mean, right now, a lot of the lawsuit stuff that he is specifying makes no sense. He is suing us individually when you know for a fact that this is a corporation and of course its not going to make any sense once we show the corporate documents that show that you, us four own it. And right now I don’t want any documents that show Fletch owns anything with Hustler because I don’t want him messing up this deal. So we literally opened up the corporations right now, the paperwork should be coming to us in a week as we just did it yesterday based on the attorney and what is going to happen is we order a corporate binder and issue a stock certificate. But before I do that, I want to make sure that you are on our team. Right now, I feel that you are not on our team and the reason I don’t feel like you are on our team is that every time we tell you that you need to take care of the situation with Fletch and that Fletch is getting completely out of line and that he’s suing us personally cuz he refuses to sue you cuz he knows that you are going to kick his ass if you do, you’re not helping. You know, I want this resolved, I want us all to be partners, I want this business to grow, I want the Hustler deal to go, I want everything. What’s gonna happen is, on the two corporations that we redid, what we’re gonna do is issue stock certificates to you and Tiago. (this is the inverstor that they are fraudulently selling my share to without my permission) How are we going to issue stock certificates to Tiago if Fletch does not move paperwork? And we can’t go and take Fletch off the paperwork without his signature so the best was to go and open up two new corporations. And I know as a business person you know this is the best suitable way of handling it to protect ourselves. So, can you please call me up and talk to me regarding this, because right now I am really concerned, I am on ——-, I am about to call Hustler and I don’t know if this deal is just something I should back away from so that then to put us in this predicament where I am gonna look like a jackass cuz right now, what you’re not understanding is, if you walk away from this, I am fucked, Eric is fucked. You’re gonna walk away clean as a whistle like nothing is wrong and I know you know that and that’s why you’re sitting there handling it the way you are. But either way, please call me up when you get this message so we can resolve this issue tonight. I am starting to get really worried and the last I want to do is have to cancel this trip to Colorado and have to go home to resolve this. And I am hoping that you are going to stay there until we get back so we can have this conversation in person. But please call me back. Bye.

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