Man Gets 20 Years In Syringe Rape Case


A Summit County man convicted of using a syringe to impregnate his 16-year-old stepdaughter was sentenced Monday.

Judge Judith Hunter sentenced 41-year-old John Goff, of Stow, to 20 years in prison on two counts of rape and sexual battery, according to Summit County prosecutor Sheri Bevan Walsh.

Goff has also been declared a sexually oriented offender, and must register with the county sheriff’s office upon his release.

Goff claims that his stepdaughter agreed to the 1998 impregnation, but the victim testified that Goff had threatened her with a gun.

Goff and the victim’s mother were unable to conceive on their own. The victim gave birth to a baby boy in 1999, whom she eventually gave up for adoption.

Goff was originally convicted in 2002, but that conviction was turned over by an appeals court. He was re-convicted in April.

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