O.J. sex tape

– He would never do anything like this, Juice’s att’y says
– Just like he didn’t murder Ron & Nicole, quips porn broker


Image taken from a video that allegedly shows O.J. Simpson in compromising positions with 2 curvy companions.

Has O.J. Simpson finally been caught in the act – the sex act?

As the 12th anniversary of the ­murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman approaches on June 12, a video that appears to show the disgraced gridiron great in a three-way hard-core romp is hitting the Internet.

The tape, portions of which have been viewed by the Daily News, shows a man who’s a dead ringer for Simpson having cocktails with two women in a hotel room, then stretching out on a bed and unzipping his pants. The man, who has the same wobbly knees as the 58-year-old Heisman Trophy winner, is later seen naked.

Other footage shows a man with the same body type as ­Simpson having sex with the women, ­although his face isn’t visible.

"I didn’t believe in sex ­addicts until my last few ­girlfriends," Simpson says on the 25-minute­ tape, according to a ­trailer for the video, which is due to go on sale today for $19.95 at www.badoj.com. "I’m a ­sexaholic! … If I’m not sexually active, I become destructive."

Phoenix-based celebrity skin broker David Hans Schmidt said that at one point during the action, Simpson and one of the women go into a bathroom to snort cocaine while the other woman rifles through Simpson’s pants and removes money from his wallet. Elsewhere on the tape, said Schmidt, Simpson sings, "If I only had a brain."

Simpson’s lawyer, Yale Galanter, said that while his client may appear fully clothed in portions of the tape, the man having sex "is an imposter."

"This tape is garbage," said Galanter. "And we can prove it. O.J. wouldn’t do anything like this."

Schmidt said, "O.J. is welcome to say that’s not him on the tape, just like he said he didn’t murder Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. But there’s no question in my mind the real O.J. is having sex on this tape. When the tape comes out, people can make their own judgment."

Globe magazine reported in 2001 that Simpson, who was acquitted of the ­murders, arranged to make a sex tape with gal-pal Christie Prody and former ­Penthouse and Playboy model Patty Kuprys at the ­Mutiny Hotel in Miami’s Coconut Grove. The tab ­reported that veteran porn ­director ­Peter Davy outfitted Room 310 with ­hidden ­cameras he controlled from four monitors.

Simpson "was hoping he’d appear to be a lusty guy out for a good time who ­innocently got trapped in a scheme," the Globe reported at the time. It also alleged that Simpson was due to get one-third of ­whatever the film earned, to be deposited in an offshore bank account, so that none of the proceeds would be applied toward the $33 million civil judgment awarded to the ­families of his ex-wife and Goldman.

"Who’d buy [the tape] if they knew O.J. was benefiting?" a source told the Globe, which featured photos of Simpson ­entering and leaving the hotel.

Galanter told the Daily News at the time that Simpson was "set up" by the Globe in the same way the tab had laid a honey trap for sportscaster Frank Gifford, who was videotaped cheating on his wife, Kathie Lee Gifford.

Galanter confirmed that Simpson had accompanied Prody and Kuprys to the ­hotel "for a nightcap," but argued that Simpson "never undressed" and that he "high-tailed it out of the room" after ­noticing a tiny camera.

Simpson vowed to sue the Globe, but ­editors at the tab said he never did.

Galanter told The News yesterday that Simpson would go to court to block the release of the tape.

Schmidt said he didn’t know whether the action on the video was filmed at the Mutiny Hotel on the night described by the Globe, but he said, "I am assured that Simpson is not profiting from this tape."

Schmidt said he had been retained to promote the film by an unnamed off-shore Internet provider.

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