Weapon Of Mass Destruction Found At Florida Sex Shop

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According to investigators, the device hooked up to a window air conditioner of a store in the small Florida town of Waldo was a weapon of mass destruction. Deputies found the device at the store located not far from Gainesville.Residents of Waldo said they protested and prayed to stop an adult book store from opening. When that didn’t work, police said, someone turned to an act of terrorism.Richard Andrews knows controversy well. He owns a gun shop in Waldo right across the street from where Cafe Risque is set to open and he said he doesn’t see what the fuss is."Just like if you don’t like guns, don’t frequent the store," he said.

But not everyone feels that way. Mary Ferrera calls Waldo a slice of heaven. She feels a sex shop will make her town a paradise lost."I have grandchildren, great grandchildren, and I don’t want sex perverts, if that’s what you call ’em, and that’s what I call ’em, around. I don’t," she said.

For or against, authorities said criminal activity won’t be tolerated. Detectives said opposition to the sex shop may have been a motive for the plot.The device was used to force chemicals into the building Saturday night. No one was inside at the time. A neighbor spotted it Sunday.Now, deputies said, those responsible will face charges for domestic terrorism, a charge punishable with up to 30 years in prison.While residents may not see eye-to-eye on bringing the X-rated store to what some call a G-rated town, everyone agrees that stirring up fear isn’t the solution and that those responsible should be punished.Police aren’t sure what kind of chemical was in the bottle. They do know it was caustic and corrosive.

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