Woman: Man Viewed X-Rated DVD While Driving

Missouri Doesn’t Prohibit Viewing Of Porn In Vehicles

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It was a movie screening a Raytown woman could not walk out on when she saw a driver with a dashboard DVD player showing an X-rated movie, KMBC’s Martin Augustine reported.

"My curiosity got going about it. What is he watching?" said Connie Hensley.When she drove up to the corner at 63rd Street and Woodson Road, Hensley said she realized what kind of movie was playing."It doesn’t take too much to figure that out. You know, if he’s too busy watching the movie, he’s not paying attention to the people around him," Hensley said.


Hensley said that she thought perhaps there was a law against watching a pornographic movie while driving.Augustine reported that in Kansas, the law is very specific. The state forbids a portable TV or DVD player from being anywhere in the field of vision of the driver. Missouri has no such law, although a driver could get a ticket just under the broader heading of careless and imprudent driving.But as far as content, whether it is G-rated or X-rated, there is nothing on the books about that.Hensley told Augustine that she doesn’t want to see this happen again."I better not. Better not," Hensley said."If you do?" Augustine asked her."I’ll have a pen and paper ready. I will write his plate down and I will report it," Hensley said.Augustine reported that there was a legislative move a couple of years ago in Missouri to regulate the viewing of pornographic movies in vehicles, but it did not become law.

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