Fayner Posts: I will do anything.

Taylor was trimming her plants yesterday and I stopped by the house where she grows to laugh at her and pick her up ‘czause we were going out to eat with my sister.

"Let’s go," I said.

"I can’t go like this, dawg," TR shot back. "I’m covered in pot leaves and I stink like weed."

One of TR’s weed dealers came over and I explaining how I don’t buy pot ’cause it’s easier to just walk behind TR and pick up the shit she drops for free.

"You’ll smoke anything!" TR screamed. "You’ll even smoke the shit off my socks!"

"I’ll do anything once!" I gleamed.

So it began…


Can’t I smoke this instead?

packing the bowl


smoking the bowl

exhaling the bowl in disgust

now I’m crossing off another dumb thing I’ve either injested or snorted or smoked or spiked or rolled around in…sweet


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