Fayner Posts: I watch a ton of television. So much. I even caught myself watching Family Business last night despite my hatred for Seymore Butts.

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And just as I told TheRealLukeFord years ago, I still believe Seymore is the worst dressed person in porno,  but now I may have changed my mind and now think Seymore is the worst dressed person ever.

My proof? you ask.

Take last night’s episode where Seymore and Mari Possa go to the Lifestyles convention in Vegas. The guy, obviously color blind, is wearing a half brown/half flannel shirt that has the sleeves cut off. You have to see this shirt to truly see how horribly wrong it truly is. I don’t think I could ever wear it, and I have bad taste in clothing.

It must be destroyed, this shirt of pure ugliness. Do it now, Seymore! Before it destroys you.

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