A PERVERT caught having sex with a horse has been banned from going into stables and fields anywhere in Britain if they contain horses.

from This Is Tyneside

Mark Woollen, 33, admitted a charge of intercourse with an animal after he was caught exposing himself and indecently assaulting the horse, Molly, at stables in Wallsend, North Tyneside.

Woollen also pleaded guilty at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court to stealing riding equipment between March 1 and March 30 from stables in North Tyneside, and possessing a small amount of cannabis resin and amphetamines.

Speaking from his home after his court appearance, Woollen said: "I cannot say it was a mistake – it was more than that.

"Everything went downhill after I got into drugs. I would like to apologise to the owners for all the hurt I have caused them."

Speaking outside court, the horse’s owner, George Day, said: "I was so shocked to see him in Molly’s stable. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he had been caught short – I just thought he had wandered in to go to the toilet.

"I realised afterwards what must have been happening."

Co-owner Jean Day, 50, said: "Molly is one of the family, we have had her for 12 years. It’s shocking. She has lost weight because of the stress."

Bob Reeves, prosecuting, told the court how Woollen was seen on several occasions on horseback in only his underwear, before he was captured on security camera abusing the horse at East Benton Stables.

Woollen was bailed to return for sentencing next month, and must not enter fields, farmyard stables or rural land used for grazing animals or to take out any horses.

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