There’s new information in the case of the Virginia high school teacher accused of having sex with two of her special education students.

from WUSA, Washington DC

9News has learned Bonnie Sue Davis was caught inside the home of one of the boys involved in the allegations. They were discovered by the mother of the other teenager. We want to make very clear, no sexual activity was witnessed. There was no drinking nor drugs. Everyone was fully clothed.

Nevertheless, 35-year-old Bonnie Davis was in a darkened bedroom with two of her male students, ages 14 and 15, on a Friday night in February. The mother of the 14-year-old, looking for her son, found him at the 15-year-old’s home with their teacher.

That conduct alone is a violation of Spotsylvania County, Virginia school policy. But Davis now faces far more serious allegations: six counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor; two counts of sodomy and one charge of having sex with a 14-year-old. Her attorney says those charges are false.

Police brought the charges last week, more than a month after the parents of one of the boys informed the principal at Courtland High School they had heard one of the boys say the other boy was "going with a teacher."

According to school officials, Principal Michael Bedwell took that to mean the student had a crush on his teacher and did not constitute an allegation of sex. At Courtland, Bedwell interviewed the students and the teacher, all of whom denied any improper behavior.

The parents finally turned to a private investigator, who says he discovered Davis had given the two boys gifts and money. The investigator turned to Spotsylvania County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney William Neely after he became convinced the allegations were truthful. It was only after Neely became involved one week later that the sheriff’s office announced the arrest of Bonnie Sue Davis.

The question is, should sheriff’s office have been notified a full month earlier by the principal at Courtland? School officials contend the Principal conducted a proper inquiry into what he perceived as a non-sexual allegation.

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