Model’s Blonde Moment

from Sky News

A supermodel fell out of a coach travelling at 50mph after mistaking an exit door for a toilet door.

It happened as Tatyana Simanava was returning to her seat from the WC.

Instead of opening the door to the passenger area she pulled open the emergency exit.

The 21-year-old blonde was pitched out onto a busy road in the middle of New York.

The driver reportedly spotted her falling out and pulled over.

Miraculously, Ms Simanava was not hit by any passing vehicles.

However, she was rushed to hospital with a suspected broken shoulder and wrist.

Fashion photographer Eric Striffler told the New York Post: "She’s a great model… very attractive and sexy in front of the camera.

"I’m very sorry to hear this news. It puts her career on hold for a while, unfortunately."

Tatyana Simanava might be a genius

Leave it to a blonde supermodel to do exactly the kind of stuff you’d expect a blonde supermodel to do. Like mistake the bathroom door for the exit door and step off a moving bus onto a freeway at 40 mph. Russian model Tatyana Simanava did exactly that on Tuesday, and ended up smashing her arm, dislocating a shoulder, and cutting her face and head.

"She’s lucky she wasn’t killed," said a police source. "She could have easily gotten run over." The 21-year-old model had been traveling to a Staten Island photo shoot with other members of international agency Next Models, cops said. She somehow got disoriented after stepping into a passageway outside the bathroom of the luxury bus. "There was a door leading back inside the bus to her left, and one leading out of the bus to her right," said a traffic cop at the scene. I guess she got disoriented."

It’s so perfect that just thinking about it leaves me speechless. It’s the kind of thing they make fun of in National Lampoon movies because it’s so stupid and impossible, and yet here it is. Happening. For real. In reality. By a human being. If you’ll excuse me I have to wipe the tears of joy from my eyes.

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