Fayner Posts: Is this what it’s gonna be like when one of Prez. Bush’s retarded relatives decides to run for President in a few years?

I hope not, ’cause this sucks.

Yeah, I’m talking about Mary Carey again trying to become the governor of our fine state of California.

It doesn’t bug me that this talkative know nothing gets the chance to try and run shit ’round here, because that’s the American Way. And don’t think I wouldn’t just love to have Mary all the way in Sacramento, despite me now thinking that she is now living in Florida and that’s a lot better than Sacramento in total miles away from me.

Choosing a leader is important, and we all know Mary is making a joke out of that with her bubbly-whore ways. But we all know about my stance on Mary, and I would love any day to debate her about anything whether it be on television, the radio or the internet. Mary can say why she would make a good governor and I in turn will say why she shouldn’t. It’ll be fun!

Anyway, please don’t vote for Mary. Arnold certainly isn’t the right choice either, but I’m betting there is a qualified person out there who deserves our vote.

Oh, and I’m totally aware of my introdution sentences not making any sense. I was going for something and it failed, but instead of deleting it I chose to not. Sue me.

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