Photo May Spark Strike

from Sky News
A photograph of a teacher’s cleavage taken by a pupil could lead to a strike at a school.

The youngster reportedly took a picture with his mobile phone as the teacher bent over.

He may have passed on the image to classmates and was caught by another member of staff as he added a rude caption.

He was excluded from the popular St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School in Newcastle but allowed back in following an appeal.

Teaching unions have balloted members who were reportedly unhappy about the boy’s return to classes and industrial action has not been ruled out.

Concerns have been raised recently about the use of mobile phones to bully teachers.

Pupils have reportedly been goading teachers until they lose their temper and filming the results on mobiles.

The videos are then swapped between phones or put on the internet.

Pictures of teachers’ heads have also been superimposed on other bodies and put on the web.

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