Fayner Posts: I got an advanced copy of this Wicked flick from my Beantown cohort Kirsten Price at her and Barrett’s house warming party a few weeks ago. Later that night I was talking to Brad Armstrong, and I mentioned how I had a copy of his new movie and was planning on reviewing it but could he maybe clue me in on what the story is about so I could forgo the dialogue parts.

"Well," he said, "it’s a story about a blah blah blah and a blah blah blah who go to blah and find out that blah is blah but the twist is that blah takes place in blah while blah…"

"That’s a lot of information," I replied. "It’s not what I pictured from the title Country Style at all."

"Oh, Country Style? I thought you were talking about my last movie. Country Style has no plot."

"Really? That’s great to know, even though I wouldn’t have bothered trying to figure the plot out anyhow"

This movie kicks ass. It’s got four scenes with Kirsten Price, three of ’em with dudes, plus Alexis Malone, Brooke, Michelle B and Lexxi Tyler. It’s set on locations reminescent of the mid west. There’s fucking, sucking and best of all…no dialogue.

I suggest you go and buy it. Or if you happen to be at Kirsten Price’s house you can ask her for one for free like I did.


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