Artie Bucco (played by John Ventimiglia)… the cook, the restaurant owner…. was busted in REAL LIFE yesterday in a drug raid in Brooklyn!

Artie Bucco

from The Smoking Gun

Artie Bucco In Hot Soup

NYC cops nab sauced "Sopranos" star on DWI, coke raps

 MAY 2–In the latest arrest of a "Sopranos" cast member, the actor who portrays sad sack restaurateur Artie Bucco was nabbed yesterday for cocaine possession and drunk driving. John Ventimiglia, 42, was popped on the misdemeanor counts after cops spotted his 2004 Volkswagen Jetta doing the weave at 12:45 AM near his Brooklyn home. After cops pulled over his car–which had its headlights out–Ventimiglia was observed "exhibiting signs of intoxication: to wit, slurred speech, red watery eyes, odor of alcoholic beverage on breath, and an unsteady gait," according to a criminal complaint. A subsequent chemical test showed that Ventimiglia’s blood alcohol content was .12, above the state’s .08 maximum. The actor was also hit with a drug count when a cop found a ziplock bag and a small envelope containing cocaine residue in his pants pocket. With his arrest, Ventimiglia joins, among others, castmates Robert Iler, Tony Sirico, and Vincent Pastore on the "Sopranos" docket sheet.


Tony’s new bodyguard… Perry Annunziata (played by Louis Gross) … he was arrested in Queens NY for smashing in the door of a house.

from WABC New York Actor Louis Gross who plays Tony Soprano’s hunky new bodyguard.

Gross was arrested Sunday on charges he broke into a Queen’s home last month. He’s also accused of assaulting a Manhattan merchant. Gross denies all of the charges.

People…the show ain’t no act!

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