Fayner Posts: So TR and Keith came by the house today. I was high on like nine Mountain Dew’s, someone threw on the HBO series Entourage. They left. I watched the new Simpsons.

Then, as I am no longer so analog I decided to use the On Demand feature on the cable and finally watch the episode of Entourage that my good buddy Jesse Jane was in.

So I started on the pilot episode. She wasn’t in that one.

The second episode. Nope.

Third. Nada.

Fourth. No Jesse in sight.

The fifth, you ask? Sorry, but no dice.

Lucky sixth episode. Hot porn chick-free.

Seventh, the final episode in season one? My mind is shot, but I can’t say I saw her.

From 8:30 until about 12:30 I sat and watched Entourage with no sign of Jesse Jane.

Lucky for my sanity the show is actually quite good.

But not as good as if Jesse Jane was on it. That would be super cool.

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