Yesterday my house was burglarized and I caught the guy on tape and actually CAPTURED and held his scum bag girlfriend and his getaway car!!! They had been stealing UPS, FEDEX, and U.S. Post Office packages from in front of my house for weeks of over $3400 in items.

The girl (his accomplice) is now being held on $30,000.00 bail and is facing arrainment on Wednesday for crimainal and federal charges of fraud and mail tampering. She refuses to give up the name and whereabouts of her boyfriend (the one on the video) and she is going to take the full rap which minimum will be 4 YEARS!!! Dumb bith considering he ran away and left her behind!!

I have photos of his car, license plate – the cops wont give me the info – so if you know someone who can provide this fuckers home address – I would be in their debt!

Here are the links to all the versions I have created of thie "THIEF" video that I am putting out over the internet. I am also posting photos of his car and license plate to see if someone will get me his home address info.  

FOR iPOD –  

I think that is everything I will need to get this PRICK!!!!

If you want his car license plate info or more information – please email me.


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