Hi Fayner !

I just wanted to ask you some questions. I am reading every day and I appreciate it a lot.

I am 20 years old, living in France, and studying filmmaking in a private school… My dream is to fly away from France, one day, and to live in USA (I LOVE USA).
I am not doing any career plans for the moment, but I am interested more and more in the californian X rated world. I don’t know exactly what I feel and what I like in this world. It’s like a mix of money, girls, depravity, and a lot more. Like an underground world existing in the sun (sorry if you don’t understand what I mean, I need to improve my english !).
So, I like this world and I can imagine myself in it (not as an actor, but all the other things).

Do you have any advises which could help me to make my ideas clear ? It would be great to get a message from you 😉

Thank you a lot in advance, whatever you say !


Fayner Says: So you wanna come to the US of A ’cause France blows chunks and make it in the porno business? Easier said than done, my friend. First you must shower a bunch of times, then learn to not insult a country that keeps you on the map. Then, and only then can you join our little community of perverts.

Oh, yeah, some talent wouldn’t hurt either. But being from France we all know you’re miles ahead of us lowly Americans.

Just kidding. We welcome anyone here in PornoLand, just bring good drugs.

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