British actor Pierce Brosnan at the Orange British Academy Film Awards, February 19, 2006. (UPI Photo/Rune Hellestad)

Pierce Brosnan wanted to make Die Another Day the first explicit James Bond film – and begged director Lee Tamahori to spice up his sex scenes with co-star Halle Berry.

The Irish actor thought Tamahori was going to break with convention when he dived between sheets with him and Berry while they were shooting the 2002 film.

Brosnan says, "I would have loved to do explicit sex scenes. I had a sex scene with Halle, I was having fun with her in the bed and director Lee Tamahori, this crazy New Zealander, was under the blankets with us and asked, ‘So, what are you going to do with your hands? Will you touch her?’

"I was excited and said, ‘You want to shoot it this way? You are going to put the camera under the blankets?’

"What we did in the end was like in the old Hollywood times: you can kiss, but keep your feet on the ground."

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