"Fuck you Tom!"

Craven Writes to Fayner: myspace kicked me off……… twice. im not allowed to threaten tom with violence or have sex with his girlfriend anymore. but i did lose my entire friends list. so if i know you send me a friends request again

Fayner Says: This is America, right? The United States of America? The same place where you can threaten people with violence and say you’re gonna have sex with someone’s girlfriend?

I thought so.

I mean, if U.S. Justice Department lawyer John Yoo says that Prez Bush has the right to do whatever he pleases, including "crushing the testicles" of a detainee’s child, why can’t one of his almost 300 million bosses threaten to beat up some dude named Tom who started myspace and have sex with his chick?

It only seems right.

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