Jim South Jr. Writes on MySpace.com: Guy comes in to RE-register. As in he has worked before. He goes in the back and proceeds to "get ready". Meaning get "it" up for the picture.

A friggen hour goes by. I get up to go out for a smoke and it smells like candy perfume. Think what the hell? and go outside.

Come back in and it’s even more overwhelming. I forgot about the guy in the back! He is sitting there still wacking off with some kind of candy lube that is stinking the whole office up and has made no progress! So he has me take a pic of him pinching it off so to speak and asks me if I think this picture will work!

If you can’t get it up by yourself in a room, you’re not going to be able to do it front of a crew! Hence you will NOT get hired!

I will not be eating any type of candy for a week now.

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