Found In Fayner’s Inbox: I finally remembered to get around to write and send this…so excuse it for being perhaps outdated…

Since Scott Fayner has died for the third time…at least…and Not Fayner is filling in…was it serious when the question was asked, "anyone wanna be the new writer?"

I suspect Fayner will just return from the dead and continue to kick ass at LF…but if there was an ounce of opportunity and authenticy in asking for people to write for in any capacity I would jump at it.

All I do is model on rare occasions (now pretty much a retired mainstream and adult model) so I have the free time to research and write.

I’m cocky enough to think that I could actually write for the amazing I love porn, I live porn, I know porn. I don’t live in the Valley so I will be fearless in my gossip distribution because I will never run into anyone.

And if these kinds of things matter…I have written for legitimate (albeit a bit podunk) newspapers.

Let me know.

Not Fayner Replies: I will send this along to the big-wigs and see what they have to say about allowing you to ruin your life by writing for this web site. Okay? Now leave me alone.

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