Publisher refuses to print bibles with porn reference on cover

LOS ANGELES, Two Corona pastors who minister to the adult film industry have hit a roadblock in their crusade. Their publishing company is refusing to print bibles with the brand "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" emblazoned on the cover.

Pastors Mike Foster and Craig Gross are the founders of the anti-porn Internet ministry X-X-X-church-dot-com. They hand out copies of the New Testament at adult film conventions.

They thought putting an edgy cover on the bibles could get them attention and increase their distribution.

So they paid the American Bible Society to print ten-thousand copies of the Scriptures. But the publisher backed down after hearing about the cover concept.

The A-B-S says while it appreciates the pastors’ mission, the words "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" are _quote_ misleading and inappropriate for a New Testament."

(APcredit: Los Angeles Times)

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