Taylor Rain writes in her journal at www.clubtaylorrain.com:

I’ve been working on this special project for Howard Stern. I have to do a short film about Howard Stern!!! The film festival is in nyc, on april.27th, i will be there!!! 

So last February i was on the Howard Stern show in NYC and I brought  a camera crew with me. That’s how rock stars do it!!! Right???

Why i was on the show was for "the Howard Stern beauty pageant"! I won of course ($5,000) and we got a lot of great footage from NY and I’m using the footage for this short film. We were there for 4 days being rockstars that we are!!!! Fuck it!!!

I will have that footage soon on my website!!! It’s real shit!!! I think you guys will enjoy it!!! Holler 420!!!


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