Breaking news from Eve Laurence.

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Eve Laurence called in this morning.

Lukeford: What’s happenin?

Eve Laurence: I have some news for you, figured I’d give it you Taylor Rain first.

Lukeford: Ok, pen in hand, hit me.

Eve Laurence: I’ve tried to normal life for long enough, and it just doesn’t work.

Lukeford: Ok, what happened?

Eve Laurence: I left porn monthd ago to come back home here to Maryland and be with my boyfriend who hated my life in porn.

Lukeford: Ok, I remember that

Eve Laurence: I went from making more money in a month than I could ever spend all the way to $9 an hour, just to show him how committed I was.

Lukeford: Ok, why do I get thje feeling I know where this is going?

Eve Laurence: I was stupid! I found out he’s been texting and talkiung to other girls and meeting them, all behind my back. Even this morning. Fuck this. I loved my career and I’m sorry I left now, but I had to try.

Lukeford:So this means you’re really coming back?

Eve Laurence: Yes, I’m going to call Derek at LA Direct, ask him to take me back and then I’m on a plane and flying back to LA next week and I’ll be there full time, back in the business.

Lukeford: And you decided this just now?

Eve Laurence: No, not really. Like I said I wanted to give this whole relationship thing a try, I did, I gave it 100% and it didn’t work and I’ve kind of known that for a little while now. I haven’t been happy or satisfied, finding out he was fucking around on me was the straw that broke the camels back.

Lukeford: So those are your plans, come back and start shooting at once.

Eve Laurence: Absolutely. I have an ew attitude and no baggage. Sometimes I would do scenes and always have my boyfriend in the back of my mind, which I guess affected my performances, but not anymore.

Lukeford: Meaning?

Eve Laurence: Meaning I’m a really horny girl, still really young, and I love to suck cock and fuck like an animal. Now I’m hungry to fuck and to be a STAR!

Lukeford: Anything else?

Eve Laurence: No, not really, just want everyone to know I’m on my way back and I’m gonna fuck with a vengeance. Oh ya and I’m gonna launch my website next week,, that way I’m hooked up- with Taylor Rain!!! HOLLA 420! Oh ya and let her know I want to start hanging out and smokin bowls with her again like we use to! 

See more of Eve Laurence at and and expect to see her on a box cover in your local stores soon now that’s she’s back.

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