It turns out that Derrick Mosley, who expressed disgust with a celebrity sex tape he brandished in a blackmail plot, starred in his own collection of homemade porn, according to federal authorities.

During a 2004 search of Mosley’s South Side home, FBI agents found two videotapes showing him having sex with at least six women.

The new details in the already sordid case came in court papers filed by federal prosecutors, who want Mosley to get prison time beyond the 27-month term he’s serving. A hearing on increasing his sentence is scheduled for today.

The small-time activist was convicted in November of trying to extort $20,000 from gospel singer DeLeon Richards, the wife of New York Yankees slugger Gary Sheffield. Mosley claimed he had a videotape showing Richards having sex with R&B crooner R. Kelly and another woman.

In hours of secretly taped shakedown conversations between Mosley and Richards’ agent, the self-proclaimed preacher professed repugnance with the sex acts on the tape, which he said had arrived anonymously in his mailbox.

"It’s really repulsive," Mosley tells the agent, Rufus Williams, in one of the taped talks. "It will make you almost throw up when you see this, depending on where you’re at."

Mosley’s defense at his trial was that he only wanted to help Richards and suggested that the $20,000 was a counseling fee. The jury deliberated for three hours before convicting him on all counts.

"The fact that the defendant filmed himself engaging in sexual acts with various women further belies his claims that he only wanted to counsel Mrs. Richards-Sheffield and not extort money from her," Assistant U.S. Attorney Clarence Butler says in the court filing.

Because Mosley was on probation for a bank fraud conviction when he pulled the blackmail scheme, prosecutors contend that he deserves extra prison time — perhaps as much as three years more.

Defense attorney Michael Petro declined to comment Thursday on the government’s filing.

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