Fayner: It was an obvious product placement if I ever seen one. Not as bad as the Pepsi in Sly Stalone’s bad-as-they-come Cobra, but one can’t think either some money or sex came one way or another at some point in time or another to issue treatment like this.

Or maybe they just liked the poster.

That makes a lot of sense.

So, anyhoo, on the newest Sopranos I noticed like anyone would how there’s a Vivid Video Briana Loves Jenna movie poster on the wall (where else would it be? The ceiling? Now that would be downright cooky!) of the office, I mean Headquarters. It shows Little Steven from the E Street Band standing in front of it for a good 10 seconds.

I’m gonna send the Producers of the Sopranos a movie poster of Trantastic and see if they’ll use it one on the remaining episodes.

Now where’s my envelope?

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