Second family opposes agent’s planned release of adult film.

By Chris Foreman

Another family opposes a California pornography agent’s plan to sell a sex video featuring Mark Kraynak, a Fayette County college student whose suspicious death in Canada last year remains under investigation. But Stephan Sirard, the owner of French Connection Francaise, or FCF Agency, is unapologetic about his intention to donate the film’s proceeds to the biological mother of Steven Wright, the California man whose fractured body was discovered with Kraynak’s in a Quebec quarry in September.

The film, scheduled for a March 1 release, features Kraynak and Wright each in three scenes with a woman. It was filmed last summer in Toronto, where the two men worked as dancers at a strip club after Sirard helped them receive temporary work visas.

Sirard has pledged all the film’s profits for a college fund for the two young daughters of Wright’s biological mother, Cheryl Crockett.

Wright’s stepmother, however, said Wednesday that Sirard has been distorting Crockett’s finances to make her sound like a down-on-her-luck single mother.

Instead, Tawni Wright said she and her husband, Frank, who is Steven Wright’s biological father, raised Wright. Crockett only became involved with Wright’s life when he was a good-hearted but defiant teenager coming of age, Tawni Wright said.

The 20-year-old Wright didn’t have a relationship with the girls who are supposed to benefit from the film, Tawni Wright said.

“For her to represent the Wrights like this is appalling,” said Tawni Wright, of Santa Rosa, Calif. “We just want people to know this is wrong. This is very wrong.”

Crockett has an unlisted number and was unavailable for comment. Sirard has spoken on her behalf regarding the video.

In the months since the men’s deaths, Kraynak’s mother has been the most vocal of the survivors.

Janice Harshman Kraynak criticized a Laval, Quebec, police theory that the men accidentally fell into the poorly barricaded quarry after skipping out on a $40 cab fare when they arrived at an after-hours club about 3:30 a.m. Aug. 22.

Tawni Wright said said she broke her silence yesterday to clear the Wright name. She has established a memorial benevolent account to assist her family with its investigation of the deaths.

Sirard countered yesterday that Wright was proud of his pornography work and didn’t have a good relationship with the Wrights.

“Steve had no relationship with his father or Tawni. None. Zero,” Sirard said. “He had a relationship with the mother, Cheryl.”

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