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Was wondering if you could give me some advice.. I am working on setting up a small video company with my photography studio, and I was wondering if you knew what the standard rates were for actors/actresses in the biz?  Or if you knew anywhere that I can find out.

My company is in Canada, so I don’t have easy access to ask many people here, but I do want to be fair to my people and offer them normal going rates.

Thanks for anything,

Fayner Says: Canada has always fucked America over, what with Brian Adams and that God-awful Celine Dion, so I’m here to return the favor.

Going Rate for women per scene are as follows

Girl/Girl: $2,000

Boy/Girl: $3,000

Boy/Boy/Girl: $3,500

Anal: $4,500

Double Anal: $6,000

Going Rate for men per scene are as follows

Anything: $75

I hope this helps you more than Rush still making records helps America.

Have a nice safe Canadian Day!

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