Exclusive news from Lukeford.com!!!

Just got a call from a porndtar’s husband!!! 

Last night a call was placed to this pornstars cell phone from a ‘middleman’ asking if she and a friend would be interested in paying some special attention to some Japanese friends of a certain US Federal Agency!

According to the husband, a rep from the US Agency himself placed the call for a referral and wanted two girls to meet these Japanese businessmen as a means of solidifying a contract between the government agency and these Japanese partners.

According to the husband, the references were checked out and it was infact a government agency representative that placed the call for a referral for this sexual encounter.

The 2 girls showed up to a hotel, met a guy in the lobby who handed them 2 Bank fo America Cashiers checks. The girls went up to the specified rooms and played with the Japanese guys noodles until they got all the sauce out of them!!!

HERE COMES THE PROBLEM!! This morning the pornstar and her friend went to the bank to cash the checks, and the B of A rep let them both know they were duped, they were paid in FAKE cashiers checks!!

Calls are beung made now to get cash to make up for this blunder, and if not, then names will be posted and this will no longer be an anonymous post!!!!

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