More schoolgirl porn “shows” under scrutiny

While three of the actors in the now famous “The show” have given themselves up to the police, the latter are going on with their enquiry. It has led them to believe that “The show ” may not be the only porn movie made by students and involving one of the male ‘actors’ of “The show”.

The amateur porn movie made by a schoolgirl under sixteen and four of her male friends – over 18 – has been commented on and taken up by all the media last week. All of them have shown how shocked the public has been by the news and have been trying to understand how these adolescents had gone so far beyond the pale. Psychologists, school rectors, students and parents have all come up with their own comments on the situation – without realising that there could be more of such movies involving other schoolgirls.

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) believes “The show” may be part of a porn movie ring. The police are now looking for the ‘mastermind’ behind these movies. A girl student from the same college as the main “actress” of “The show” witnessed sexual games while she was the girlfriend of one of the “actors”.

Making money out of the students’

Not only has the movie reached the public thanks to high-tech mobile telephones and ‘bluetooth’ attachments but some people have also been trying to make money out of it. CDs containing the clip were being sold for Rs 1,000. However, it seems some curious people were conned as the CDs sold were either blanks or contained an Indian movie.

Now that three of the “actors” have given themselves up – a fourth flew to Australia at the beginning of the month – and have been identified by the “actress”, they might face criminal charges. Tariq Maghoo Kuneeram and William Gaëtan Miner have been provisionally charged with having sexual relations with a minor of less than 16 years old (she was fifteen when it happened last June); Runganaden Naek has been provisionally accused of inciting to sexually abuse a child. All three have been released on bail.

The police are now concentrating on the possible existence of a vice ring. They have extended their enquiry to other districts and are realising that “The show” is definitely not an isolated case…


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