So Tuesday evening I am out to dinner with a good friend and I get  a phone call from one of my models Mia Rose, Telling me that Stoney Curtis called her and was wondering why she has been avoiding his  phone calls to shoot her. She replies with, because my agent Danny Dukes does not want me nor my sister shooting for you. His response  was ” Oh yea well I guess I’m going to have to have Dick Delaware pay him a visit. Mia Rose was at my house at the time of the phone  call and responded with a chuckle, “well he doesn’t have to go that  far Stoney cuz Danny’s buddy and roommate Jimmy Lifestyles is  shooting him with Speigler girl Annette in the next room (where both  me and Jimmy reside). His response was oh really  “guess I have to  make a call”.

Needless to say nothing happened, my whole point of this e-mail is  to let Stoney Curtis know that I was laughing my ass off at the fact  of what a tremendous pussy he is! He was trying to send over a guy  that stands a good 6 foot 3 inches and is built like a fucking MAC  truck and I stand a whopping 5 foot 3 inches on a very good day!  Stoney you pussy you sent this guy to muscle me into letting you  shoot my girls. Why didn’t YOU come and pay me a visit huh? I will  tell you why, cuz your a little fucking bitch, thats why, straight  up. Grow some balls and handle shit yourself! I don’t like you and I  don’t care to send my girls to you period and I never will. Get over  it. I tried calling you at both your numbers tonight and you never  answered. Oh yea, have fun posting something about me on your crybaby  site. Danny Dukes
AIM: DannyDks



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